ServiceMaster of Cherry hill is the leader in VCT tile Cleaning.  Our trained and certified technicians have been performing strip and wax cleaning in Philadelphia and Southern New jersey for over 30 years.  We strive for top customer service and pristine cleaning.

Our technicians provide the following service:

  • All technicians arrive on site, on time, in uniform, and driving the ServiceMaster Clean yellow van.
  • The technician will pre-treat all areas to ensure the proper cleaning solutions will be used.
  • The technician will then apply the stripper and begin to use a roto with an aggressive pad to strip the floor.
  • After the floor has been stripped, the technician will go around extracting the slurry (water, chemical, dirt, and old finish) from the floor.
  • Next, the technician will make sure the pH of the floor is balanced.  This is important because the finish will not take properly if it is skipped.
  • Then we in most cases will apply a water based sealer.  This will fill in all gaps and pores.
  • Lastly the technician will apply the finish.  This will take on average 24 hours to set.

This cleaning system really restores the shine and look to your VCT tile floor.  In many cases the technicians have uncovered what was thought to be an ugly grey tile and found a completely different color tile.  Our results are tested and proven and we know you will be happy with the cleaning.

Please visit our contact us page to fill out a form and an estimate will contact you within 1 business day.