Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaningWhy is Steam and Extract carpet cleaning so important? This answer is simple.  Most carpet manufacturers will recommend that a steam and extract cleaning is done twice if not 1 time per year depending on its use.  ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill uses hot water, 200-250 degrees in temp, and a cleaning solution that is followed by a high powered truck mount extraction unit that provides the deepest and most thorough cleaning possible.  By using this process we are able to remove most allergens, soil, spots, and germs that other cleaning methods can not.

What are some of the other cleaning methods?

Dry Cleaning – a powder is placed on the carpet that “abosorbs dirt and other soils” and then it is followed up by vacuumins after fifteen minutes of time.  While this may be a great method for inbetween steam cleanings this method still can leave some poder behind which could attract more dirt making the carpet eventually looking just as bad if not worse.

Bonnet Cleaning – While this cleaning is not necessarily bad, it still doesnt give a deep cleaning.  Basically, as a machine wets and shampoos, a cloth buffs the floor removing most surface level dirt.  The negative is that it doesnt extract which could leave deep down dirt behind.

There are also older versions of carpet cleaning called “Shampoo” or also “Foam” cleaning but they are not going to work as effectively as a hot water steam and extract.  Call ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill today to schedule your steam cleaning today.