Mold Remediation Clean Up Services in Mt. Holly, NJ

Mold Remediation Clean Up and Restoration

Providing Mold Remediation and Clean up to Commercial Businesses in Mt. Holly, NJ for over 20 Years!

ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill has been providing mold remediation and clean up services to Mt. Holly, NJ for over 20 years.  Being one of the original mold remediation companies, we know what it takes and the science behind mold to ensure that your business gets restored and your employees/customers are safe while on your property.

Mold is a growing organism.  Mold needs two things to grow 1) food and 2) water.  Food can be any carbon based food source.  Drywall and drop ceiling tiles are very common location for mold to grow in a commercial business due to the materials that compose them.  Water can come from a water damage or a slow leak from a water source in a bathroom or kitchen area.  No matter what, you want to have mold remediated immediately.

Our process is simple and our staff is very communicative.  First, we schedule to have a manager come and walk through the property.  They will talk with you about their plan for the restoration and give you a lot of information.  Then, the manager will schedule a crew to come out and provide the actual remediation services.  They will section off areas and use negative air to make certain mold spores do not travel throughout the area.  They will use our mold cleaning solution to deep clean both porous and non porous surfaces.  They also use HEPA filters in all vacuums and air scrubbers.  Finally, our construction crew can come in and seal, paint, or provide other construction needs to put your home back to pre-mold condition.  Your property, employees, and customers will remain safe throughout the entire process.

Contact us today for an estimate and see how simple it is to work with ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill for your restoration needs.

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