ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill has been serving the businesses of South Jersey and Philadelphia for over 30 years.  One of the things we have noticed is that in many cases ceramic tile and grout is becoming prevalent in businesses all over this area.  Ceramic tile and grout looks amazing only if it is maintained well.

All too many times, tile and grout is poorly managed.  People use dirty mop heads and dirty mop water.  As well as customers and employees spill and leave other dirt debris that gets ground into the tile and grout.  Grout that was once white is now pitch black.

Good news!  It can be restored in many cases.  The ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill cleaning system is second to none.

  • Our technicians arrive in uniform in a ServiceMaster Clean yellow van and are always professional and polite.
  • They will then perform any test cleaning that is necessary.
  • The technician will then use the cleaning agent to begin to break down dirt and grime that has built up on tile and grout.
  • Once we allow time for the cleaning agent to emulsify, the technician will hand scrub the grout and tile.
  • Then we use a contained power washing machine called the Gecko to clean and rinse away all dirt and debris.
  • As soon as the cleaning is done, if you decide to add it on, the technician will apply a water based sealer which will protect the tile and grout as well as give it a shine.

This cleaning has time and again proven to leave flooring look amazing.  We really pride ourselves on customer service and quality or work.  Please visit our contact us page and fill out the form to have an estimator contact you within 1 business day.