Carpet Cleaning in Woolwich, NJ 08085

Dirty Carpets

You clean the boy, we clean the carpets!


ServiceMaster Clean has been the trusted name in carpet, upholstery, ceramic tile and grout, and VCT tile floor cleaning for over 30 years in Woolwich, NJ 08085.  Our trained and certified technicians use the latest in technology and cleaning techniques to ensure that your floors will look their best.  Our carpet cleaning process is truly second to none:

When our technicians arrive to your home they will:

  • Arrive in uniform and in a ServiceMaster Clean yellow van.
  • They will start by vacuuming your carpets.
  • Testing: they will test a fiber to determine the right chemicals to use.
  • Grooming:  This releases soil and loosens carpet fibers.
  • Pre-Treating: using various solutions to try and blot out spots and soil.
  • Apply cleaning agent: we keep the shampoo separate from the water so no soapy residue is left behind.
  • Hot water steam and extract: we use a truck mount extractor and our water temperature is between 200-250 degrees unless the carpet is wool and then we use a lower temperature.
  • Spot Check: we will again revisit any spots or soil not already taken out to make sure that they are permanent. 
  • Groom: we groom the carpets again to stand the fibers up and leave the room looking great.

You can also ask the office about green cleaning for carpets if you are interested in an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning.  Also we can add scotchgard to your order to help prolong the life of your carpets.  Scotchgard can also be added while the technician is at your home.  Call today for a no obligation estimate or for more information.  You can also email us at