December Tails of Woah!

December is a special time of year. There are a few really great holidays to observe, normally a lot of family time, the weather gets a lovely chill that some look forward to and some dread… No matter what you think about December, one this is for certain, in our world this month can be the start of a lot of property damage.

Here are some actual examples of what types of losses we have seen in December:

Bird in Chimney:

Yes, it is getting cold. So birds that have not migrated will begin to find a home for them and their families. Sometimes that means they find home in a nice warm place like your chimney. This happened to a family that ended up having thousands of dollars in damage to their home on Christmas morning!

Frozen Irrigation Pipes:

If you have not had your sprinkler system winterized then you are running the risk of a broken pipe. Mornings in December can drop below freezing. When your sprinkler system freezes, that freeze moves into the pipes in your crawlspace. As the ice expands, it breaks the piping and once thawed it causes a lot of damage.

Washing Money Down the Drain:

Make sure to check connections on your washing machines. Both clothes washing and dish washing uses hoses that are compression based. Make sure to change them out yearly to avoid gallons of water in damage. This happened to a family in December and instead of buying gifts, they had to pay a $1000 deductible.

No matter what the issue, ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill is here to help. We are available 24/7 and ready to respond quickly if your home or comercial property is damaged from fire, mold, water or other damage.