Major Tip to Prepare for Winter

Right now people all over NJ are preparing their homes for the winter season. There are some things though, from a home preparation standpoint, that need to hold major importance. Some preparations can prevent your home from devastation and ensure that you are making sure your family is safe.

In the winter time, one of the main issues a home can face are fires. Because people are stuck inside, they are using their heat more, burning candles, and using their fire place.

This months major tips is this: make sure to clean all of your duct work and vents including your dryer vent. Throughout the year your ductwork and vents fill up with lint, dander, and other debris that is flammable. Dryer vents become caked with dryer lint which too is extremely flammable.

We recommend contacting a vent cleaning company and having them cleaned and in some cases sanitized. This will give you the best chance at preventing possible damage to your home.