Ground Water… Covered or Not?

Due to the massive storms overnight 6/19-6/20/2019 our office has been completely inundated with emergency water damage clean ups. While that is great for business, it is not always great for property owners.

When massive periods of rainfall happen causing flash flooding or simply causing ground water to rise, that water pushes into properties causing damage and confusion. The damage caused by ground water can vary depending on where you live. For example, if you are near a creak, stream, river, lake, or ocean your ground water level is much higher than someone who lives in an area like Phoenix, AZ.

Normal insurance covers damage to homes due to faulty or damage housing materials. For example: broken pipes, damaged roof, hot water heater fails, and others. In most cases, ground water is considered flooding and unless you have one of two potential endorsements on your insurance policy, your ground water damage may not be covered.

Here are two important endorsements that you should have on your property insurance policy:

  • Flood Insurance – Everyone should consider getting flood insurance. If you are in a low risk area for a flood, the policy could cost very little but save you a lot of money if there is a flood.
  • Sump/Sewer – this is an endorsement that is very inexpensive but could pay off in a major way. If ground water pushes into your home and your sump pump cannot keep up or is broken then you can at least get a portion (in some cases up to $10,000.00) of the claim covered.

Call your local independent agent today for more information, but we hope this helps you to better understand insurance coverage during times of ground water intrusion. If you have had water damage at your home, do not wait call us immediately for prompt help.