When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter is right around the corner, and although beautiful, winter precipitation can cause business interruptions and, potentially, costly damage. To keep both to a minimum, follow these tips:

Property Protection

  • Clear gutters and drain pipes of any debris.
  • Cover or insulate exposed water pipes to prevent breakage from freezing which can lead to flooding.
  • Store materials, supplies, etc. off the floor to prevent damage by floods.
  • Check tire, battery, fluids, and wiper blade conditions on all company vehicles.
  • Stock each company vehicle with a shovel, de-icer, blankets and flares.


  • Know what outside areas are likely to be affected by ice.
  • Stock salt for keeping paths and traffic routes free of snow and ice.
  • Continually review emergency plans with employees.
  • Stock up on floor mats.
  • Staff for lobby cleaning after the morning commute and lunch hour.