Soot Cleaning Testimonial

“I cant thank you and your staff enough for my beautiful house cleaning.  All of your staff worked hard cleaning the soot which was all over my entire house.  I have never met such mannerly, aggressive, hard working and pleasant people doing a job they were proud of.  They showed up each day with a smile and never once complained.  I really hated seein the job completed because I miss them all so much.

The ladies in the office are also on my list.  I feel like I’ve known them for years and they were very helpful.

And of course the construction department did a great job and all the contractors they used were excellent in their field and I have no complaints what so ever.

I hope I didnt forget anybody.  I would recommend ServiceMaster to everyone I know.

Thanks again for the great job.  if anyone wants to come back and clean I would just love it.  thanks again!  I wish your company nothing but success.

Sherri and Stu Smith

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