Want some tips for handling vandalism?

What to do:

  • Fast action is required to prevent further damage.  Call a restoration professional to remove damage caused by vandals.
  • Make a list of all damage and take pictures.
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove glass particles from carpet and upholstery.
  • Remove any debris from carpet or walls.  Scrape or blot carpets and furniture – never rub.
  • Wash any egg or other residues from the building exterior using water.

What not to do:

  • Do not use household clean products on fabrics, upholstery, or carpet.
  • Do not attempt to remove chemical stains, including ink or paint.
  • Do not operate damaged electrical appliances.

Call ServiceMaster Clean at 856-751-1577 for more information or to schedule an appointment to have your home cleaned as a result of vandalism.


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