Carpet Cleaning Confusion Cracked

Spring is the time of year when cleaning becomes a big focus.  Carpet cleaning companies like ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill have found this to be the best time for carpet cleaning as well.  Winter can be harsh on carpets.  The salt and moisture we track into our homes can damage and take away the life of our carpets.  However, how do you choose a carpet cleaning company from the sea of companies out there?

Rather than climb the mountain, that is the internet, to find a good carpet cleaning company; utilize this first so you can determine what company is the best option for your money.  The first thing you must consider is the method.  There is a handful of carpet cleaning styles out there.  Allow me to start by giving a comparison view of the different styles and whether or not they are beneficial. 

First, there is the “Dry-cleaning” method.  This is when a cleaning technician utilizes an absorbent powder.  This powder is sprinkled on your rugs and it absorbs dirt and other soil while it sits on your rugs for about fifteen minutes.  After it sits, the cleaning technician will simply vacuum the powder up lifting soil from the carpet.  While there is no drying time necessary, this should be done as regular maintenance and not as your yearly carpet cleaning.

Another type of cleaning is known as “Bonnet Cleaning.”   Beware any company that refers to this as a dry cleaning method.  Water is used in bonnet cleaning.  The machine itself acts very similar to a floor buffer.  The cleaning technician will apply a cleaning solution and follow that up the oscillating machine which is meant to pull up debris.  One of the biggest carpet manufacturers warns against this cleaning method due to the fact that the machine could damage carpet fibers.

There are companies that utilize a “carbonated cleaning solution.”  While the solution itself might work, the machine used is the same as a bonnet and in turn does not provide a deep cleaning and can damage carpet fibers.

Lastly the most popular method and the one that all carpet manufacturers recommend is the “Hot water steam and extract.”  This method is the only method classified as deep cleaning.  Beware the company that tries to upsell you on deep cleaning due to the fact that it should already be done.  Carpet technicians will apply a shampoo or cleaning solution to the carpets and using water that is two hundred – two hundred and fifty degrees the carpet wand steams the carpets and then immediately extracts the water in the same process.  Many companies that do this utilize a truck mounted extractor which will give a deep cleaning unmatched by other cleaning styles.

ServiceMaster of Cherry Hill has been utilizing the hot water steam and extract method for over 30 years and has been serving Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester County.  They have recently added a new carpet technician that is already getting great customer reviews and have found new cleaning solutions including the ServiceMaster Go Green cleaning solution to clean homes and remove spots and stains and be safe for the environment.